where can I buy a huggermugger?

here you can browse the huggermugger archives or have a look at their holiday snaps – if you have one already, why not send in your snaps and I’ll add them to the set.

holiday photos

huggers travel well – you simply fold them at the legs, wrap the loop round and, voila!

I always like to take a couple on holiday, which these days is usually around beautiful Britain. they always cheer up a gloomy day at the beach, a boring restaurant or a walk that’s just a bit too long for small children.

as they are mostly wool based, they don’t tend to like really hot or humid countries – a snowy mountain is their ideal holiday, but they are also very fond of city breaks.

have a look at some pictures of their exploits so far – I’d love to add your photos of huggers that have travelled – or just had a nice day in a back garden.

email me any jpegs and I’ll add them to the site.

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your photos

lots of people have said how much they love seeing photos of the huggermuggers out and about. it would be quite amusing to have a collection of your photos on the Flickr site to see what they get up to after they leave. all you have to do is send me your jpegs (or mpegs if you're feeling really creative) and I'll put them up on the site, what could be simpler...?

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general photos

huggermuggers, bobs, cakes, fruit - whatever I get round to making really are all showcased in my sets on Flickr. ‘new additions’ are generally what’s most recent or for sale. enjoy.

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