where did they come from

from inside my head, along the lines of japanese amigurumi, the practice of making small crochet animals in the round. I find classic amigurumi too fiddly so all my creations are slightly bigger. Have a look at ‘amigurumi’ on Flickr if you’re interested.

I was also inspired by my daughter, who had big eyes and didn’t used to talk a lot, all the huggermuggers have something of her in them.

I made the first ‘hugger’ nearly 3 years ago, for my friend Esther’s baby (who at the time was called Nolly). The loop was a random experiment, based on the fact that I was fairly new to crochet and was finding it difficult to make two of anything look the same (arms, legs etc).

as I got to what should have been the end of the first arm, I just kept on going and sewed the whole thing on.

First Huggermugger PictureI was amused by the endless tricks she could do and so it all began – mostly I made huggers to give to friends’ babies, but then I got approached by various adults too and now I just make them and see what happens.

why huggermugger?

obviously they are good at hugging, especially each other, and since most of them have no mouth they are likely to remain ‘huggermugger’ (see below).

[huggermugger: the habit, practice, or policy of keeping secrets; existing or operating in a way so as to ensure complete concealment and confidentiality; in a secret way by stealth, on the sly, under cover.]

the making of a huggermugger

they generally take me a week to make, from start to finish. most are made out of a combination of wool, cotton, cashmere and, if you really want to go to town, silk. they have beans in their bottoms and are stuffed with stuff that meets all fire regs. all eyes are very safe and impossible to remove once in.

come back soon for a picture story about how they come to be.

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