hugger what?

huggermuggers have no hands, but this doesn’t bother them as they have a loop instead. they can hang from rear view mirrors, hold small baskets to keep useful things in, hug coffee cups, children and each other, and at the end of the day they can be easily hung up until they are needed again.

huggermuggers are generally quiet as most of them have no mouth, so make good pets or flatmates. they love to travel and make great holiday companions. for more information on travelling with huggers and photos of their exploits this summer click here.

no two huggermuggers are exactly alike; there are no patterns – just yarn, a hook and wherever they take me.

if you’d like to meet a lot of huggermuggers and have a chat about them, check out the events section to the right to find out where I will be selling; I tend to do small fairs mostly in September and December.

in time I hope to have a shop here, where you can see what’s finished but for now, all available huggers are showcased on Flickr, click here to see them, then, if you’d like to buy one, email me here and I will send you the current price list.


your photos

if you are the proud new owner of a huggermugger, why not send us your favourite photos of the hugger in their new home, on holiday, or enjoying their first christmas.

you can now easily see what's for sale by looking at the 'what's in the shop' set on Flickr here. you can also email me for prices if you'd like one.

news & events


For one final weekend (for now) the huggermuggers will be on display and up for sale. The last Great Western Studios open studios at The Lost Goods Building takes place on 6th and 7th December and we will be there, along with Smith and Coates' re-made children's clothes. Open from 12-6 on Saturday and Sunday. for details - also for news of where the studios are moving to.

If you've been thinking about buying a hugger for a while but never got round to it.... now might be the time.

mailing list

join my mailing list and get updates on fairs, sales and new huggermuggers as they come along.